Unexpected Birthday Bash: Celebrating The World’s Oldest Cat Who Was Adopted In 1988

Say hi to Rubble, the feline who has earned the title of being the “world’s oldest cat!” This charming British kitty, with his ginger and white fur, resides in Exeter, England and is an impressive 30 years old. Rubble was given to his owner Michele Foster as a birthday present in May of 1988 when he was just a little kitten and she turned 20.

The cat has truly been a blessing in Michele’s life! Throughout the years, he has been an amazing companion who is very affectionate and devoted to her. Michele strongly believes that his lengthy lifespan can be attributed to the abundant love and doting care he receives, much like how one would treat a cherished child.

The cat has been in good health, with the exception of high blood pressure. Dr. Shawn Moore from City Vets is responsible for his medical care to ensure he remains healthy and stable. Despite his age, Rubble is still thriving, and Dr. Moore believes he may even be the oldest cat in the UK. While he requires medication for his blood pressure, he is otherwise in excellent health.

When questioned about the possibility of submitting Rubble to the Guinness World Records, Michele expressed her concern about the effect it may have on him. Despite the fact that Rubble still has a lot of life left in him, Michele believes that the stress of being in the public eye and having many visitors may not be in his best interest. At his advanced age, Rubble prefers to live his remaining years in peace without too much attention or disturbance. Therefore, Michele and her family would rather let him enjoy his golden years quietly, away from any unnecessary fuss or commotion.

Cream Puff was the former holder of the Guinness Record for the oldest cat in the world, who lived for 38 years and 3 days. Although we can’t be certain how long Rubble will live, one thing is for sure – his owner will spoil him until he reaches the end of his days.

It’s quite impressive that the cat has managed to stay alive for so long. Just to put things into perspective, most indoor cats have a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years, while outdoor cats tend to live for only 2 to 9 years on average.

Let’s give a big shoutout to Rubble as he celebrates his 30th birthday! May he have countless joyful and prosperous days ahead while staying in the pink of health.

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