Title: “Roadside Grief: A Heartbreaking Tale of Abandoned Sorrow”

As reported by The Moho, an unfortunate incident occurred a few days back where a dog was hit by a vehicle and is now paralyzed in her hind legs.

It’s evident that she has recently delivered her puppies and is most likely distressed because she can’t locate them. Despite numerous individuals walking by, nobody stops to assist her. She remains motionless beside the road, shedding tears of sorrow for several days.

A team of kind-hearted volunteers have successfully saved a dog, who was later named Sinead (pronounced as “shinade”), and brought her to a nearby shelter. The precious pup seems to be suffering from either paralysis or a broken leg. However, after conducting a thorough search in the surrounding area, no trace of her puppies was found. It is possible that she may still be pregnant and waiting to give birth. Despite uncertainties, the rescue team remains hopeful for Sinead’s recovery.

They brought her to the Animal Wellness center the next day for x-rays to evaluate the damage from the car accident. Fortunately, Sinead’s x-rays showed no fractures in her legs or pelvis, but unfortunately, her spine was broken, affecting her hind legs’ nerves.

The good news is that the cat was able to urinate and defecate normally while staying at the shelter, indicating that her bodily functions were not affected. According to Doc Gama, who conducted her x-rays, there is a chance that laser therapy could aid in her recovery. To this end, the cat will receive intensive laser therapy for seven consecutive days, which means she’ll have to stay at the shelter during this time as it would be too stressful for her to make the journey on uneven roads. Although it’s been four days since she arrived, the cat is still on intravenous and nutritional support as her red blood cells need a boost. She’s also on a catheter due to difficulty in emptying her bladder, but thankfully, she’s continuing to receive laser therapy on a regular basis.

Great news! Sinead’s condition has significantly improved. She can now eat and drink without assistance and even had three successful bowel movements last night. Following nine laser treatments over a period of 13 days, there has been noticeable growth in both her muscles and bones. Unfortunately, like Tink, her spine is still misaligned, but we remain optimistic that continued laser therapy will strengthen it. It’s been a month since her treatment began, and while she’s currently in good health, veterinarians remain unsure if she will regain the use of her legs. We’re all hoping for the best for Sinead and sending our love and prayers her way. Hopefully, she’ll find a loving forever home soon!

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