“The Tale of a Stray Persian Cat Saved by a Kindhearted Family”

Introducing Augustus, also known as the adorable nickname of “Gus Gus”! He’s a stunning Persian feline who was fortunate enough to be rescued in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s difficult to fathom that a cat as charming and kind-hearted as Gus Gus was left to wander the streets for several months before his life changed for the better. Madeline, his loving owner, reveals all about this lovable creature in the narrative below.

I had the pleasure of fostering a feline named Augustus through Fluff Nashville. It was love at first sight when I met him, and we gave him the name Augustus to match his personality – silly and amusing like Gus Gus from Cinderella. Augustus, who is a Persian mix breed, was saved from the streets where he spent three months wandering. My heart melted when I picked him up and looked into his big blue eyes that were peeking out at me through the carrier.

As soon as I extended my arm to stroke him, he began to purr contentedly. It was clear that we had an instant connection. Once we arrived back at our abode, he had a distinct odor of trash and was ravenous, devouring three bowls of cat chow in one go.

Failing at Fostering
During the time we took care of him, I found myself breaking down in tears daily at the mere thought of having to give him away.
I could sense that he was meant to be a part of our household!
Although we already had two amazing feline companions, Khaleesi and Toogie, I eventually talked my partner into allowing us to take in another one.

Gus Gus turned out to be a foster that we just couldn’t give up! But, we learned that the Fitzpatrick household has a three cat limit. Despite this, my partner and I have continued to foster many adorable kitties, and thankfully haven’t become attached enough to keep them all for ourselves.

Can you describe Gus Gus’s character for me?
Gus Gus is simply the sweetest feline around! Whenever I come home from work, he excitedly dashes down the stairs, meowing all the while. He’s my constant companion too – wherever I go, he’s sure to follow like a loyal shadow.

My furry little companion is always by my side, seeking attention and affection. He’s a big fan of snuggling up close to me, particularly on my pillow near my head when we sleep. Although he also has a soft spot for my husband, it’s clear that he’s a mama’s boy at heart.

A Tale of Everlasting Joy
Gus is a fluffy little bundle that can easily fool you into thinking he is a huge dog. However, the truth is that he only weighs around 7 pounds. Although it’s hard to determine his exact age, the vet speculates that he’s somewhere between 4 to 6 years old.

He is a big fan of the limelight and loves the compliments he gets on his Halloween outfits! Personally, I believe he looks quite dapper all dressed up. It’s impossible not to adore him once you’ve met him!

Gus Gus, our friendly furry companion, greets every visitor with open paws. His warm personality has won over our guests, vet, and even the cat groomer. We can’t imagine our family without him as he brings so much happiness and laughter into our home.

Madeline takes care of cats and kittens as a foster parent with FLUFF Nashville. You can stay updated on the adorable felines, including Gus Gus, by following their Instagram account. Don’t miss out on their exciting escapades!

As an editor’s note, let me introduce you to Gus Gus, a charming feline who was once rescued. At National Kitty, we actively encourage adopting cats from rescue centers. Before deciding to buy a specific breed of cat, please do look at the rescue shelters in your area. Many purebred cats are abandoned at these shelters, and they all need permanent loving homes. Even if the shelter doesn’t have the type of cat you desire, they can keep you on a waiting list and contact you when they do receive one. This way, you’ll be able to adopt your dream cat in an ethically responsible way. Remember, it’s always better to adopt instead of shop!

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