“The Moving Image of a Homeless Pup Pleading for Assistance Will Stir Your Heart”

A series of photographs showing a furry canine companion tagging along with military personnel while asking to join them has gone viral on the internet. The heartwarming images have quickly spread across multiple countries including Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. People online are captivated by the charming story behind this endearing encounter.

Numerous netizens are currently in a frenzy over a set of images showing a dog leading security forces on patrol. These snapshots have gained immense popularity across various nations, including Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, prompting individuals to inquire about the origins of this charming occurrence.

Have you heard the story about a dog who accidentally joined a group of troops on their mission? Unfortunately, it appears that this story is not entirely truthful. The images being circulated are actually a collection of photos captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero in Tupiza, Bolivia during the quarantine period. These soldiers were simply on a patrol, ensuring that people were following the rules while driving around in their van.

During the lockdown in Tupiza, Bolivia, photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero snapped a series of lively photographs on the empty streets. A military van patrolled the area to enforce regulations, as reported by Los Tiempos.

Gorda is a beloved dog who has found a home in the barracks, rather than roaming the streets. She has become a cherished companion to the soldiers of each unit, training and living alongside them, and has even become a beloved mascot for the entire division, according to Colonel Luis Pacheco, the Department of Army Logistics IV Director. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Gorda’s attachment to the soldiers became clear as they patrolled the area to prevent its spread. The soldiers in the car noticed her eagerness to join them, and they decided to follow her with her “brother” in tow. This memorable event was captured by a photographer, making it even more special.

When Gorda jumped into the car, Multicam wasted no time and joined her. The image of the two dogs together was edited during the conversation. Many netizens have expressed their unanimous agreement that these furry creatures are incredibly cute and have been a source of happiness amidst the chaos of the ongoing pandemic.

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