“Soldier’s Heartwarming Tale: Saving a Furry Friend Abroad and Reuniting for Life”

During her deployment as a cook in Europe, 29-year-old Army Sergeant Charity Webb encountered a stray dog that was roaming around the base. The dog eventually gave birth to puppies, one of which was particularly nervous around the soldiers. Despite this, Webb formed a strong bond with the small pup and it reciprocated her affection by feeling comfortable in her arms. She stood out among the soldiers as the only one who could hold the pup without causing any distress.

For several weeks, Webb dedicated her time to gain the trust of a dog she named Pup Pup, with the aim of showing her that soldiers were there to help and not harm her. Sadly, there were individuals in the area who posed a threat to Pup Pup’s safety. Consequently, Webb resorted to hiding the dog from dog catchers who were notorious for killing strays. As the days went by, Webb and Pup Pup’s bond grew stronger to the point where it was impossible to leave Pup Pup behind when her deployment came to an end. Webb was afraid that without her, Pup Pup would meet a cruel fate.

She came across Paws of War, a non-profit organization that helps soldiers reunite with the animals they took care of while serving overseas once they return to the United States. As the organization relies entirely on donations, they had to wait until they accumulated enough funds to bring the dog back to the U.S., which usually costs about $7,000. Fortunately, an article published in the NY Post helped Paws of War raise enough money not only to bring Pup Pup home but also to rescue another dog.

Webb and Pup Pup had been separated for a few months, but they finally got to see each other again in an emotional reunion.

As soon as Pup Pup jumped out of the van and saw her new forever mom, she joyfully rolled onto her back and wagged her tail in excitement.

The video below depicts a heartwarming reunion that is worth watching.

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