Introducing Monty: The Cute Feline with a Distinctive Visage

Meet Monty, the charming and exceptional cat residing in Copenhagen along with his two feline companions. Monty’s distinctive appearance is the result of a chromosomal abnormality which prevented the development of a nasal bridge bone, giving him an adorable and lovable face. According to his owners, this unique and tranquil kitten captured their hearts when they rescued him from an animal shelter at three years old. Despite his breathing problems causing him to sneeze more than most cats, Monty is still a delightful pet to have. Take a look below to view this cute feline for yourself!


Monty occasionally experiences sneezing due to his condition, wherein he was born without a nasal bridge or the bone in the nose.


However, right from the start, his character was displayed as a unique and exceptional one!


Monty cohabited with a few of his feline pals from the shelter who tended to show aggression, but he preferred to avoid any confrontations.



Monty tends to wet himself while sleeping because of his bladder that leaks or is not tightly held.


We are having a tough time persuading him to not feel ashamed after discovering the issue, as it is beyond his control and he must learn to come to terms with it.



This adorable pet enjoys snuggling up on your lap and providing companionship throughout the night until you wake up. However, his ultimate favorite cuddling spot is being held close by his loving owner, Michael.


Monty has an incredibly fearless attitude, and he actually enjoys visiting the vet. He is truly a courageous little pup!



Our desire is for Monty to serve as a representative for felines that are deemed ‘imperfect’ or not visually appealing to some individuals.


Another important message we hope to convey is that being unique is not a hindrance to greatness.


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