“Heartbreaking Sight of a Stray Dog Begging for Help Tugs at Emotions”

A bunch of photos featuring a dog following a troop on duty and requesting them to “accompany” it have become an internet sensation. These images have spread like wildfire across various countries, such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. The backstory of this adorable event has caught the attention of individuals surfing the web.

The internet is abuzz with excitement over a series of photographs featuring a dog encouraging patrolling troops to follow them. The pictures have gone viral in several countries, such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, sparking curiosity about the backstory behind this delightful incident.

There’s a story that’s been circulating online about a dog who stumbled onto the street and decided to follow a group of troops on a mission. However, it turns out that this tale is not entirely accurate. The pictures that have been shared are actually a series of photos taken by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero in Tupiza, Bolivia during the quarantine period. The troops were simply on patrol, making sure that people were following the rules while driving around in their van.

Photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero captured a cheerful series of photos on the deserted streets of Tupiza, Bolivia during the lockdown period. The military patrolled the area in a van to ensure compliance with regulations. Los Tiempos reported the incident.

Gorda, a lovable dog who resides in the barracks instead of wandering the streets, is a cherished companion to the soldiers of each unit. They train and live alongside their regiment, becoming a beloved mascot for the entire division, as shared by Colonel Luis Pacheco, the Department of Army Logistics IV Director. Gorda’s attachment to the soldiers became evident during the Covid-19 pandemic when they were patrolling the area to prevent its spread. The pup’s eagerness to join them was so noticeable that the soldiers in the car decided to follow him with his “brother” in tow. This memorable incident was captured by the photographer’s camera, making it all the more special.

Upon Gorda’s entrance into the vehicle, another grey dog named Multicam quickly ran over and hopped in. The picture featuring both dogs was manipulated during the discussion. People online unanimously agree that the two canines are absolutely adorable and have brought joy to many during this hectic pandemic period.

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