“From Pizza Swimsuits to Dancing Ice Cream Cones: Katy Perry’s Quirky Music Video for ‘This Is How We Do'”

Katy Perry’s newest music video for “This Is How We Do” is full of excitement. Released on Thursday, the 29-year-old singer offers a vibrant and eye-catching display that includes twerking ice cream treats, Pee-wee Herman dancers, and a swimsuit patterned like a pepperoni pizza. The video is a must-see for anyone looking to experience the fun pop culture.

Katy Perry Super Bowl – Music Row Girl

The dark-haired stunner impresses with her daring fashion choices and constantly changing vibrant backgrounds. Prior to the start of the pop-art frenzy, the popular singer is captured wearing a bright yellow shirt dress while posing within a picture frame on a wall in an art gallery.

Katy Perry promociona su DVD en una caja de pizza | Actualidad | LOS40  México

As the camera pans through the wall, we see her in the company of Pee-wee Herman dancers. She dons a sporty blue outfit matched with a wig, heading towards a ping-pong game. Later, she grabs an ice lolly from a vintage ice-cream truck accompanied by two scantily clad female dancers.

Unique: Then out comes the pepperoni pizza swimsuit as the singer lounges while biting into a huge chunk of watermelon

As she relaxes on a sun lounger, the Roar superstar sports a swimsuit adorned with a pizza print and earrings shaped like pizza slices. The video showcases her moving through various frames that burst with vivid colors and synchronized dance routines. At one instance, Katy can be seen wearing a dress that resembles Yves Saint Laurent’s famous Mondrian dress while blending perfectly into a wall decorated in the style of Piet Mondrian.

Time for a treat: Katy grabs and ice lolly along with two scantily clad female companions

Katy’s latest music video is a tribute to the carefree spirit of today’s young people. It features her getting her nails done, munching on tacos, and trying her hand at some Mariah Carey karaoke while wearing a variety of vibrant outfits. The theme of junk food continues throughout the video, with animated ice creams, watermelon slices, and pizzas dancing to the infectious beat.

Art attack: The girls change into latex dresses reminiscent of the Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress

Katy Perry included a catchy hook in her latest song, “It’s no big deal,” and also gave a shoutout to her young party-loving fans in the lyrics. She specifically acknowledged those who still wear their outfits from the previous night to breakfast, the ones who leave their cars at club valets on a Tuesday, and those who spend their rent money on bottle service. Throughout the week leading up to the release of the music video, Katy teased her followers with snippets on Instagram. Finally, on Thursday, she shared the link to the video on Twitter and captioned it with lyrics from the song, “This is how we do – chillin laid back, straight stuntin’, yeah we do it like dat.”

Pizza party: Meanwhile, the Dark Horse hitmaker's latest single This Is How We Do debuted at number 88 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week

The track “This Is How We Do” is part of Katy Perry’s album Prism and has been released as its fifth song. To promote her album, she started her Prismatic World Tour in the UK, performing 17 shows across the country. Last month, she began touring in the US starting from North Carolina, and recently did a performance in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

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