“From Failure to Friendship: A Cattle Dog’s Heartwarming Delivery of Care for a Disabled Calf”

When Cupcake the calf was born, she had a unique condition that made her legs bent and turned outward. Her hind legs were also contorted, but fortunately, they eventually aligned properly.

Genia Kay Meyer became the caregiver of Cupcake at the age of five weeks old. She was joined by her husband, Tim, to take care of Cupcake, and they would administer bottle-feeding daily. However, Cupcake received a surprise third caregiver, which was unexpected.

Bo, the dog of Meyer, became fond of Cupcake and started taking care of her. As time went by, the two of them developed an unbreakable bond, and Bo is always around her. Initially, when Cupcake was drinking milk from the bottle, Bo would clean up all the spilled milk on her face and pamper her like his own offspring.

Tim had plans of making Bo his new cattle dog, but Bo couldn’t handle the truck rides as he would get sick every time. However, Bo has found his true purpose in life despite not being able to fulfill Tim’s expectations. Nowadays, Bo spends his days cuddling and playing with his furry friend Cupcake. In fact, he is quite protective of her as well.

Meyer is in the process of collecting funds for an operation that may or may not help Cupcake. It’s possible that her tendons can be repaired by cutting them, but the family is consulting with vets to determine the best approach. Nevertheless, Bo and Cupcake are cherishing every moment they have together, and their owners are doing their best to ensure that Cupcake enjoys the highest quality of life for as long as she stays with them. You can track Bo and Cupcake’s adventure on Facebook by clicking here.

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