Fierce Rescue Kitten S’more Rocks a Yellow Splint and Only Wants to Play

S’mores, a calico cat, is quite prominent with a yellow brace and tennis ball when in foster care. Rescue Kitten when she arrived with a “severely broken and infected elbow,” she was an extremely resilient and mischievous kitten throughout her treatment.


Describe rescue kitten S’mores “intense” and her strength continues to impress and even shock people. S’mores arrived with his peers with a broken elbow. At the time, it looked like she would need to have the limb removed, but in the meantime, she was dangling her yellow brace. It’s hard to imagine playing around with such an injury, but amazingly, she did.


Tampa Bay area nonprofit rescuers from “A Kitten Place” and veterinarians are trying to save S’mores little leg. But even if she needed to have it removed, they knew she would be fine. Nothing can hold her back. She’s one of many special needs kittens rescuers have been determined to save, each with huge vet bills and caregiving needs. But their wonderful volunteers do all it takes to save every single kitten and kitten with special needs.


At first, they were sure that the kitten’s legs would have to be amputated. But S’mores surprised everyone. During her surgical consultation, the vet suggested removing the brace to see how she was doing. To everyone’s surprise, she made a quick recovery and they later believed that she could recover without surgery. That’s just what she did! That seems unlikely, a little miracle for this ferocious kitten.


Checkout baby S’more running around using that previously fractured limb!! but after the orthopedic surgeon recommended we remove the splint to evaluate how she does…she took off and never stopped!! Her awesome foster Crystal says that this little kitty is quite resilient we believe that she will NOT require an amputation after all.


She meets a special friend named Cookie in the foster care facility and the two become best friends. When they were ready, the kittens found a common home, and S’more became Gracie. She didn’t have to wear a brace anymore, and she became the most beautiful and graceful kitten.

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