Furry Newcomers with Unsteady Legs Seek Comfort and Affection from Woman’s Embrace

A pair of adorable kittens, born with unsteady legs while outside, found comfort in the loving embrace of a compassionate lady who they attempted to charm.

Saving Stevie, a volunteer-based cat rescue located in Nashville, Tennessee, welcomed two grey kittens named Cyrus and Nova with open arms. The duo, born to a stray cat along with two other siblings in a barn in a rural area, had a wobbly gait and were quick to show affection. Foster volunteer Brianna Barker recounted that it was evident from the start that Cyrus and Nova were developmentally different from their littermates. Realizing that the kittens needed specialized care to thrive, their finders reached out to Saving Stevie for help. The rescue quickly arranged for foster homes for Cyrus and Nova, determined to provide them with the best possible care.

Cyrus and Nova share a medical condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which is not painful and does not get worse over time. According to Saving Stevie, CH usually occurs when a pregnant cat is infected with panleukopenia, which can then be passed on to her unborn kittens. When the wobbly pair needed a foster home, Brianna was asked to take them in while another volunteer cared for their two siblings. Brianna felt fortunate that Saving Stevie trusted her to care for her first special-needs foster kittens, Cyrus and Nova.

Upon bringing Cyrus and Nova home, they were initially anxious but soon settled in after a car ride and a cozy night’s rest. The siblings adapted quickly to their new indoor environment and embraced each day with enthusiasm, refusing to let setbacks hold them back. Even if they stumbled, they bounced back right away and kept moving forward like seasoned pros.

Cyrus is a lively and playful little creature who loves to cause mischief. He becomes incredibly animated when he is in the company of others, and actively seeks out attention and opportunities to play. According to Brianna’s account to Love Meow, Cyrus displays his excitement by bobbing his head in his distinctive CH style as soon as he spots someone. He has an extremely friendly disposition, enjoys being held, and is quick to start purring very loudly.

Cyrus has come up with a trick to speed up his movements by hopping around. He’s a cheerful and carefree kitten, always in a good mood. Nova is a kind-hearted kitty who adores being close to her owners. She loves it when she’s carried, pampered, and rocked to sleep. She’s known for being the affectionate cuddlebug in the household and she lives up to that title daily.

Cyrus and Nova possess an innate desire to explore, gain knowledge, and engage in recreational activities. Their innocence causes them to be unaware of their unique characteristics. Ever since their initial unsteady strides in foster care, they have felt a sense of belonging, as if they have always been part of the family.

With their adorable and affectionate nature, these animals seek the attention and love of their human owners. They enthusiastically indulge in playtime and cherish every moment spent with their beloved companions. They love to snuggle into a cozy ball when embraced, and their hearts overflow with joy during these loving moments. Brianna expressed her emotional attachment towards these cute creatures by revealing that she fell in love with them when they began feeling comfortable around her and started adapting to the space she had created for them. She knew then that she wanted to adopt them permanently because these wobblies had won her heart.

Last week, Brianna made the decision to adopt Cyrus and Nova, marking the end of their time in foster care. Saving Stevie expressed their confidence that the two felines will be adored for years to come.

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