“12 Purrfectly Adorable Persians: The Heartwarming Story of One Cat Lady’s Love and Laughter with Her Feline Family”

Meet Michelle, a woman from Japan who lovingly cares for her 12 Persian cats. She shares their adorable antics on her Instagram page, 12 Cats Lady. Her feline family started with one abandoned kitten, Yuki, whom she rescued from the road. Michelle then adopted two more Persians, and the other nine cats are their littermates. She assures that all 12 cats are now spayed and neutered, so there won’t be any more additions to the family. Michelle is a proud “cat mom,” happy to break the cat lady stereotype. Her furry children each have unique personalities, and they love playing with feather toys. Check out their cute photos and share them with your loved ones!

It’s important to have a good meal before a photo shoot.

Double the amount, twice the number of times.

Providing your pets with their preferred snacks is a wise decision.

Afterwards, the routine proceeds as per usual – a midday siesta on the owner’s cozy bed.

Sometimes it’s okay to strike a pose.

During photo shoots, some games are played to pass the time.

After that, there is yet another hour of downtime.

How about taking a leisurely stroll in the garden? You never know, you might catch sight of a feathered friend!

Once that is done, it’s time to get back to the challenging task of modeling.

After posting their latest photos on Instagram, the feline friends make sure to read through all the comments left by their followers. They even excitedly tally up the amount of likes they’ve received!

Being a famous cat has its challenges, but you’ll go to great lengths to make your mom proud.

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